Sagittarius Celebrities


Here is a list of famous people that are Sagittarius. If we are missing someone famous that you’d like us to add, or you would like us to add your name in with the stars, we’d only be happy to do so. Drop us a message on our Facebook page @lottohoroscopes and ask us about Sagittarius celebrities.

There are so many Sagittarius celebrities we had loads of fun putting this list together. People born under the Sagittarius star sign are typically born travellers, extroverts and optimistic. They also don’t like playing by the rules and are movers and shakers! The following list is full of mostly actors, actresses and musicians and makes for interesting reading.

Sagittarius Celebrities

Ben Stiller  November 30, 1965

Boris Becker  November 22, 1967

Brad Pitt  December 18, 1963

Britney Spears  December 2, 1981

Bruce Lee  November 27, 1940

Jamie Foxx  December 13, 1967

Jane Fonda  December 21, 1937

Jim Morrison  December 8, 1943

Jimi Hendrix  November 27, 1942

Joseph Stalin  December 18, 1878

Julianne Moore  December 3, 1960

Katie Holmes  December 18, 1978

Mark Ruffalo  November 22, 1967

Mark Twain  November 30, 1835

Miley Cyrus  November 23, 1992

Milla Jovovich  December 17, 1975

Monica Seles  December 2, 1973

Ozzy Osbourne  December 3, 1948

Samuel L. Jackson  December 21, 1948

Scarlett Johansson  November 22, 1984

Steven Spielberg  December 18, 1946

Taylor Swift  December 13, 1989

Winston Churchill  November 30, 1874


How about that for a list of extroverts, free thinkers and ‘go getters’. It’s more than a coincidence how true to their star signs most people are. Are you a Sagittarius and is the same true for you?

Please do let us know if there is anyone else you would like to see on the list but contacting us on our Facebook page @lottohoroscopes

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