Scorpio: October 23rd – November 21st

Lucky Number: 11

Water Sign: Ruled by Pluto

Best Match: Aquarius, Cancer

Star Sign Colour: Red

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Scorpio Sign

Scorpions…charming, magnetic, passionate beings who will draw you into their world. They have an air of mystery and are quite secretive. They can be deeply suspicious of others and it will take them a long time before they can fully trust someone. They look long and hard before they jump. Don’t get on the wrong side because they will truly activate their Scorpio sting. They won’t mince their words and for them revenge is sweet…but not for the recipient. Ouch!

This highly intelligent sign can’t have the wool pulled over their eyes. They will not be taken in that’s not in their nature. They constantly strive to get to the top and they will get there regardless. Scorpios say it as it is; they don’t muck about with false compliments. If they say something nice to you, then they truly mean it. You know where you stand when dealing with a Scorpio but don’t mess with their head; they will cut you dead if you betray them because they have an uncanny knack of figuring out the truth. But when they are in a relationship they go full pelt to make it work. It takes them time to bear their soul; they want things to be meaningful and intense.

Don’t try and control a Scorpion; they are independent, they know where they are going and how to get there on their own, thank you very much! They don’t follow other people; Scorpions are at the front of the line. At times they need their own space to formulate their plans for the future. They don’t go back on their word; they deliver what they have promised. And they will protect and come to the defence of their loved ones. Just one nasty look from a Scorpio will make you back off.

They tend to have a small select circle of friends; they are not into having masses of people around them. In fact, that can be quite irritating for them. Scorpions never look back and worry about the little setbacks in life; they can absorb the knocks and, being resilient, move on and get what they truly want to achieve.

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