Aquarius: January 20th – February 18th

Lucky Number: 22 (in numerology this is the most powerful number)

Air sign: Ruled by Uranus

Best Match: Leo, Scorpio

Star Sign Colour: Turquoise

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Aquarius Sign

Aquarians can be perceived as eccentric. They don’t want to be normal run-of-the-mill people. That’s boring! They want to think outside the box and do things with a twist to surprise and, at times, shock. So it’s very difficult for you to know exactly what an Aquarian is thinking: they like it that way.

Aquarians rarely have a bad word to say about anyone; they naturally look for the good in everyone and give praise when it is deserved. They are good listeners and are willing to lend an ear to their friends when they are experiencing difficulties. They never divulge information shared; they are a true friend, not a gossip monger, by any stretch of the imagination. They only have a very limited inner circle and, if you are in it, it’s because you too can be trusted. Aquarians don’t need masses of friends. They are very independent people never bored with their own company because they are so into arts and crafts, and anything creative; listening to music is also one of their passions. They are not averse to having an occasional ‘explode moment’.

Normally calm, they can take a lot, but, when someone goes over the score and offends their sense of righteousness, then take cover as Aquarians will come out with a volley you weren’t expecting. They can stand up for themselves; they are not a pushover, especially when they’re right. They can’t stand being in proximity of puffed up, egotistical people; that’s a complete turnoff for them. They dismiss this type of person in a heartbeat; they won’t give them the time of day. They use sarcasm to convey their contempt.

Aquarians can over think and mull over things until they get to the point of being stressed…and then it all turns out as not being as big a deal as they had thought. They are fiercely protective of their family and, woe betide, anyone who tries to hurt a family member; they will definitely get an Aquarian ‘explode moment’. Aquarians are independent, can look after themselves, loath to accept handouts and are prepared for the good years and the bad.

By nature, they can’t take dull routine activities; they get bored easily. And don’t tell them what to do; this independent sign will tell you what to do in…no uncertain terms!

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