Aries Celebrities


Here is a list of famous people that are Aries. If we are missing someone famous that you’d like us to add, or you would like us to add your name in with the stars, we’d only be happy to do so. Drop us a message on our Facebook page @lottohoroscopes and ask us about Aries celebrities.

It took no time at all to put a list of Aries celebrities together as there are so many to choose from. And judging by the celebrities on the list they seem to be true to their sign in that they are spontaneous and enterprising and incredibly brave strong and fearless. Similar to some other star signs, quite a lot of famous actors and actresses make up the list – some young, some old and some sadly not with us anymore.

Aries Celebrities

Akon  April 16, 1973

Charlie Chaplin  April 16, 1889

Christopher Walken  March 21, 1943

Eddie Murphy  April 3, 1961

Elton John  March 25, 1947

Emma Watson  April 15, 1990

Eric Clapton  March 30, 1945

Gary Oldman  March 21, 1958

Harry Houdini  March 24, 1874

Heath Ledger  April 4, 1979

Jackie Chan  April 7, 1954

Jennifer Garner  April 17, 1972

Joan Crawford  March 23, 1905

Joseph Pulitzer  April 10, 1847

Kate Hudson  April 19, 1979

Keira Knightley  March 26, 1985

Lady Gaga  March 28, 1986

Leonardo da Vinci  April 15, 1452

Maria Sharapova  April 19, 1987

Mariah Carey  March 27, 1970

Marlon Brando  April 3, 1924

Quentin Tarantino  March 27, 1963

Reese Witherspoon  March 22, 1976

Robert Downey Jr.  April 4, 1965

Ronaldinho  March 21, 1980

Russell Crowe  April 7, 1964

Sarah Jessica Parker  March 25, 1965

Sarah Michelle Gellar  April 14, 1977

Steve McQueen  March 24, 1930

Thomas Jefferson  April 13, 1743

Victoria Beckham  April 17, 1974

Vincent van Gogh  March 30, 1853

Warren Beatty  March 30, 1937


What is your take on all this? Do you think the Aries celebrities are deserving to be on this list and do you think they posses the typical qualities and features of the star sign that they belong to?

Please do let us know if there is anyone else you would like to see on the list but contacting us on our Facebook page @lottohoroscopes

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