Aries: March 21st – April 19th

Lucky Number: 3

Fire Sign: Ruled by Mars

Best Match: Sagittarius, Libra

Star Sign Colour: Red 

Aries Weekly Numbers Page

Aries Sign

Aries are brave, strong and fearless to a fault. They never chicken out of anything; they face life‘s challenges head on. They like to be number one, the boss in the situation and the one to sort things out. They have the capability to
untangle the mess. It’s their way or the highway; independent and rebellious; they don’t suffer fools gladly; always the leader, that’s a must for this sign. You know where you are with an Aries because they don’t beat about the bush, they tell you it straight between the eyes. They honestly express their opinion and are never intimidated by anyone.

Don’t try and change their mind, it’s futile. They have zero tolerance for people who try to pull the wool over their eyes, but, to give them credit, they are not the sign who will snitch on you behind your back and say nasty things about you even if you don’t agree with them.

Aries will surprise you with their spontaneity, they get bored easily so life has to have an element of excitement to keep them happy and fulfilled. They are competitive and will give 100%, and don’t expect them to roll over and die,
they fight to the bitter end because winning is their game. Don’t think about keeping an Aries waiting, they are ultra impatient, they are a nightmare in a restaurant if they are not served quickly and efficiently. Queuing makes their blood boil. Aries love to party and they are amazing to hang out with because they are so full of fun and energy. They light up the room and party till dawn.

Don’t get on the wrong side of an Aries because if they get angry watch out as they are not good at hiding their feelings, and will certainly speak their mind. They are risk-takers, not adverse to the odd gamble and never opt for the safe option. Any mistakes or losses are put down to a temporary bit of bad luck and they move on, onwards and upwards. Aries, on a winning streak, can be so thoughtful and generous. Aries shun negativity be it people or situations. They love the positive vibe; they need to have upbeat people around them to keep them alive and on the ball.

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