Cancer: June 21st – July 22nd

Lucky Number: 7

Water Sign: Ruled by the Moon

Best Match: Scorpio, Capricorn

Star Sign Colour: Grey

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Cancer Sign

Cancerians are very sensitive and emotional. They are not superficial; they care deeply about their family and friends, and tend to nurture them. They are not averse to coming up with whacky ideas, because of their powerful imagination…some work, some don’t. Setbacks and failures do have an effect on them. They don’t cavalierly shrug them off; they can get pessimistic.

Cancerians are complex characters who are really intuitive. They can read people so well, have the knack of picking up on unusual behaviour by others and be spot on. They are intense and passionate; they love their partner to the moon and back but, oh!, if they get their heart broken, it takes them a long time, and I mean a long time, to get over the trauma. They are not the kind of people who give away their secrets and shout about their inward thoughts from the rooftops; they like to be a tad mysterious.

Generous to a fault, they often lavish expensive presents on their friends and family; wow! That’s nice if you are on the receiving end. Although Cancerians are easy-going, they don’t accept fools gladly and if provoked, will retaliate spectacularly and out come their claws.

Home is where the heart is for this sign; they are fastidious about having a comfortable but cosy home where they can retreat to. You will never see any pushy, nasty people in their home, as Cancerians can’t stand that kind of personality and shy away mighty quickly. This sign tries to treat people how they would like to be treated themselves; if you do them some wrong, don’t expect to be forgiven in this lifetime.

When life dishes them up lemons and they are upset, they go into their shell and they need space and time to work things out. They are on the shy side to the point of being perceived as reserved. It takes them time to warm up to people socially, but then watch out they can be great fun!

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