Capricorn: December 22nd – January 19th

Lucky Number: 19

Earth Sign: Ruled by Saturn

Best Match: Cancer, Taurus

Star Sign Colour: Black

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Capricorn Sign

Capricorn (the goat) can’t stand slackers. They expect others to keep up with their pace and focus on the job in hand. They get things done quickly and, as it’s in their nature to complete a task to the best of their ability, they revel in success. These masters of problem-solving amaze everyone; they can find a solution to the trickiest of dilemmas in the blink of an eye.

Don’t annoy a Capricorn; they have a very sharp tongue and will cut you down to size as quick as look at you. They are intuitive and can analyze you as they know your intentions before you speak. As a friend they are ultra-reliable; you can always depend on a Capricorn to help you out. They possess true business acumen and are wonderful deal-makers. They are so hard to fool, nothing gets by them.

Don’t keep a Capricorn waiting; time is money as they are working on that next deal. No time-wasters allowed in their world, otherwise they become very ratty. Capricorns have long memories if you cross them. They don’t forget; it’s in the memory bank for good. Any abuse or upset you caused them in the past will be a red flag and you have no way back to get in their favour again. Out of the good books is where you stay!

When they encounter the occasional set-back in life out comes the true grit and determination; they swallow hard, just pick themselves up, dust themselves down and start all over again. If they are hurting, they will suffer in silence because their mental strength will not allow them to share. Capricorns are too proud and independent for that.

They are very picky which friends to let in and socialize with. They have a dry sense of humour, which some people just don’t get, but, those who do are pals for life. Capricorns are not always serious; they do have a fun side and can be quite wild when the notion takes them. Letting their head down occasionally is good for them. However, they relish quiet loan time away from their hectic life to reflect and recharge their batteries.

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