Gemini: May 21st – June 20th

Lucky Number: 4

Air Sign: Ruled by Mercury

Best Match: Aquarius, Sagittarius

Star Sign Colour: Yellow

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Gemini Sign

With Gemini you get two personalities in one, so they are very hard to read. They can quickly turn from their fun side to their serious side in a heartbeat. So, I suppose, that’s where the twins come in. On good days, they can be charming and adventurous; on bad days, they can be distracted and overwhelmed.

Gemini like to get on with their life, so they dislike dramas and confrontations. They have an uncanny knack of putting people in their place when they are forced to. Gemini are loyal and you are a friend-for- life once you have gained their trust. They don’t like to be in anyone’s shadow. They like to go forward in life independently. They detest being controlled or people having some kind of hold over them.

Gemini are curious beings and will observe what is going on around them to the minute detail. They are naturally friendly and never stuck for what to say. They are witty and love to laugh, so don’t be a complainer around them. Not shy to give helpful advice, they enjoy being supportive to friends.

You are never bored when you are in the company of a Gemini; routine is a no-no. They like to move around, they are a bit restless and adore new experiences; they love to be adventurous in everything they do. Known for their sharp wit and sarcasm, they really don’t mince their words but they can be hilarious if you can keep up with their thought pattern.

They are so curious by nature and want to be knowledgeable about a range of very diverse topics. They have a thirst for knowledge so don’t be surprised if they have their nose in a book. Gemini are garrulous and eager to talk about what they have learnt but not that keen on divulging personal information. Once they commit to someone, that’s it; no going back. They are a truly loyal partner. They have stickability and are never put down by what life has in store for them; they can easily adapt to any situation.

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