Leo Celebrities


Here is a list of famous people that are the Leo star sign. If we are missing someone famous that you’d like us to add, or you would like us to add your name in with the stars, we’d only be happy to do so. Drop us a message on our Facebook page @lottohoroscopes and ask us about Leo celebrities.

Leo’s are usually big-hearted and kind people. They love being the centre of attention – they like to stand out and usually have high self-esteem. It was easy to compile a list of Leo celebrities and we think that most of them are true to their star sign personality traits. We couldn’t help but notice the amount of artists (especially TV/Film) on the list.

Leo Celebrities

Alfred Hitchcock  August 13, 1899

Amelia Earhart  July 24, 1897

Arnold Schwarzenegger  July 30, 1947

Barack Obama  August 4, 1961

Ben Affleck  August 15, 1972

Bill Clinton  August 19, 1946

Charlize Theron  August 7, 1975

Chris Hemsworth  August 11, 1983

Christopher Nolan  July 30, 1970

Daniel Radcliffe  July 23, 1989

Debra Messing  August 15, 1968

Dustin Hoffman  August 8, 1937

Fernando Alonso  July 29, 1981

Halle Berry  August 14, 1966

Hilary Swank  July 30, 1974

Hulk Hogan  August 11, 1953

J. K. Rowling  July 31, 1965

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis  July 28, 1929

Jennifer Lawrence  August 15, 1990

Jennifer Lopez  July 24, 1969

Kate Beckinsale  July 26, 1973

Kevin Spacey  July 26, 1959

Lynda Carter  July 24, 1951

Madonna  August 16, 1958

Mick Jagger  July 26, 1943

Patrick Swayze  August 18, 1952

Pete Sampras  August 12, 1971

Princess Beatrice  August 8, 1988

Robert De Niro  August 17, 1943

Robert Redford  August 18, 1936

Roger Federer  August 8, 1981

Sandra Bullock  July 26, 1964

Sean Penn  August 17, 1960

Stanley Kubrick  July 26, 1928

Steve Carell  August 16, 1962

Steve Wozniak  August 11, 1950

Wesley Snipes  July 31, 1962

Whitney Houston  August 9, 1963


Quite an impressive list, right! A bunch of leaders who got to the top of the ladder in their field, which is true to the star sign. Are you a Leo too and do you have a similar character to any of the Leo celebrities on the list?

Please do let us know if there is anyone else you would like to see on the list but contacting us on our Facebook page @lottohoroscopes

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