Leo: July 23rd – August 22nd

Lucky Number: 14

Fire Sign: Ruled by the Sun

Best Match: Aquarius, Aries

Star Sign Colour: Gold

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Leo Sign

Leos are impossible to miss. They don’t blend in; they are the centre of attention. Their key traits are proud, bold and ambitious. They are blessed with high self-esteem; nobody knocks them down. In fact, they inspire others to do their best.

Leos are sometimes perceived to be shallow and vain by people who truly don’t know them well; get to know them and you will change your opinion mighty sharpish. Lovely Leos are kind and compassionate souls and generous to a fault but true folly if you try to hoodwink them and take advantage of their good nature. Consequently, you will feel the wrath of their mighty roar and you will not go back for extras. They both love and require lots of attention to be showered on them; then they are in their element. Leos need to be challenged and pride themselves on achieving the almost impossible.

When you make friends with a Leo, you have a friend for life; they are totally loyal and they will make it their mission to protect you. That’s the lion in them coming out. Born leaders, this sign is exemplary at leading a team to dizzy heights; the top of the ladder, nothing else will suffice. They are also the life and soul of the party as then they are in their comfort zone surrounded by like- minded people. But sometimes they will just slip off and have some down time.

A true optimist. This sign will not just sit and mope around highlighting all the problems in life; onwards and upwards is their philosophy. They don’t dwell on the bad vibes. They might give the impression that they are confident and proud like a lion, but under this facade they can be quite sensitive. They do have that little soft spot but you would never guess because they hide it so well. This sign chases adventure be it sky-diving or mountain-climbing; they have a thirst for adventure and boy do they like to win any challenge!

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