Libra: September 23rd – October 22nd

Lucky Number: 13

Air sign: Ruled by Venus

Best Match: Gemini, Aries

Star Sign Colour: Pastels

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Libra Sign

Libras are gentle beings; they love nature and the outdoors. They adore being surrounded by peace and beauty. They can be moody and a bit indecisive. It’s not easy for them to say a flat ‘no’ to people, and then, they end up being stressed out themselves. In a difficult situation they can be very diplomatic to defuse the situation.

Libra…the scales impassioned advocates of justice, truth, harmony and fair play. They wish to be treated fairly and others too. If they make a wrong decision, they are not averse to owning up. They can’t be hoodwinked, try as you might, as they have to see things with their own eyes before they believe something is true…doubting Thomas comes to mind. They don’t hold grudges for ever but don’t play with their emotions because, although they may give you a second chance, they don’t forget.

Smart cookies Libras, they are persuasive, diplomatic and masters of being able to mediate with people till everyone is happy with the result. Oh! and don’t think they can’t suss out rude and arrogant beings; that’s a big negative for them and they will drop you like a ton of bricks. They can’t tolerate moaners and complainers; they are too busy chasing their dreams.

They are deep thinkers and don’t often make spur of the moment decisions because they have calculated the risks beforehand. Libras love to show affection and receive it. They try hard to preserve all their friendships. They don’t get sidelined by petty argument; in fact, they do their utmost to be peacemakers and have everybody getting on harmoniously.

Libras never judge things at face value; they keep their mind open and boy they’re curious to find out more! They can get so lost in their conversations. They are in their element when they are discussing tricky issues. Never think a Libra is boring because they can be spontaneous and also unpredictable.

They are so nice to be around because their ambition is to make sure everyone around them is happy…and that works well both for them and you.

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