Pisces: February 19th – March 20th

Lucky Number: 8

Water Sign: Ruled by Neptune

Best Match: Cancer, Taurus

Star Sign Colour: Ocean Blue

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Pisces Sign

People born under this star have the ability to bring out the best in everyone else. They exhibit such kindness, are totally compassionate and can blend in with any company, be it the ‘hoi polloi’ or paupers. They are averse to negativity and spread positivity around; so being in their company has a feel-good factor. They are not superficial and only look at the outside wrapping of someone; they like to go deeper and see what makes that person rock and roll. Pisceans are not known to have an enormous database of 1 million friends; they prefer to invest their time wisely with only their close buddies. They have a vivid imagination; they dream and escape into those dreams where they feel safe.

Oh! and how romantic they are; they crave love and affection, and know how to bring out the best in their partner. Pisceans need a special person in their life as they don’t wish to be alone. They need romantic stability; they are adept at sweeping you off your feet. They are generous to a fault, faithful and oh so caring. However, they don’t take too kindly to being criticized.

They abhor cruelty in any form. If there is a problem in their family, they do their best to help alleviate it. They are so intuitive they will have sensed something is wrong even before it happens. They are great problem-solvers, so it’s great to have them on your side. Be aware though, they can be annoyingly indecisive and agonize over something because they don’t want to make the wrong choice. Pisceans are truly in tune with their spiritual side and have a deep connection with all that surrounds them. They like to meditate, be in a peaceful space to recharge their batteries and think about the meaning of life.

Pisceans are inspirational, original and make for great writers and artists because they are so creative. Surprisingly, they are very competitive and like nothing more than winning. Never underestimate them in a challenge; they have a deep desire to win the top prize.

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