Scorpio Celebrities


Here is a list of famous people that are Scorpio. If we are missing someone famous that you’d like us to add, or you would like us to add your name in with the stars, we’d only be happy to do so. Drop us a message on our Facebook page @lottohoroscopes and ask us about Scorpio celebrities.

Scorpios typically are strong-willed, mysterious with a magnetic charm. They are also intelligent people with very independent characters. Have a look at the list of Scorpio celebrities and see if you think these famous people share the characteristics mentioned.

Scorpio Celebrities

Anne Hathaway  November 12, 1982

Bill Gates  October 28, 1955

Björk  November 21, 1965

Claude Monet  November 14, 1840

Condoleezza Rice  November 14, 1954

Demi Moore  November 11, 1962

Diego Maradona  October 30, 1960

Eric Dane  November 9, 1972

Gerard Butler  November 13, 1969

Grace Kelly  November 12, 1929

Julia Roberts  October 28, 1967

Katy Perry  October 25, 1984

Larry Flynt  November 1, 1942

Leonardo DiCaprio  November 11, 1974

Marie Curie  November 7, 1867

Meg Ryan  November 19, 1961

Pablo Picasso  October 25, 1881

Rachel McAdams  November 17, 1978

Ryan Gosling  November 12, 1980

Wayne Rooney  October 24, 1985

Whoopi Goldberg  November 13, 1955

Winona Ryder  October 29, 1971


The list makes very interesting reading, all people who excelled in their professions. Are you a Scorpio and can you relate to the qualities that we mention?

Please do let us know if there is anyone else you would like to see on the list but contacting us on our Facebook page @lottohoroscopes

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