Taurus: April 20th – May 20th

Lucky Number: 17

Earth Sign: Ruled by Venus

Best Match: Virgo, Cancer

Star Sign Colour: Orange

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Taurus Sign

Taurus can be a little hot-headed but, then again, they are the sign of the bull and if you attack them, they will certainly respond fiercely, so be fully aware. They relish their own time away from daily pressures, they love to relax and unwind as they see fit. You don’t need to invite a Taurus to chill out, they are doing it already. They get frustrated if they are held back for any reason as they like to move forward. They hate being stressed and if they are, move away pretty sharpish and give them the space to deal with it in their own way; eventually they will calm down.

They make wonderful loyal friends, and once you are their friend, it’s for life. They are practical and are often asked for their good advice as they are honest and will tell you directly; no beating about the bush. They can be blunt with what they say but then again you asked didn’t you!!! Oh! and they can be stubborn if they are convinced of something; a change of their mind would be a miracle in the making. They can dish out the advice but take it, that’s another kettle of fish! But then again they are compassionate, love their family and friends and would go to the ends of the earth to help them out. Taurus likes to get warning of what is on the horizon. They are not keen on being surprised. They like to be prepared to deal with coming events. Mentally, they are tough cookies and can pick themselves up from setbacks in their life.

They can display immense courage when they are deeply wounded by an event. They make the best of what life throws at them. They can put it in their mind box, not forget, but have the ability to get over it in time. They never cry over spilled milk; what is done is done, move on. They most definitely don’t like people, who they perceive as ‘fake’, to be anywhere near them. They are honest and want to be surrounded by likewise people. Taurus wants to live the good life and work hard to achieve their aims. They don’t think twice about indulging themselves on the odd occasion.

Sport is their passion, either participating or watching it. Football, tennis, basketball, swimming; they love them all.

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