Use Your Numbers


Libra: September 23rd – October 22nd

Lucky Number: 13

Air sign: Ruled by Venus

Best match: Gemini, Aries

Star Sign Colour: Pastels


Ok, so you now have your Libra lucky numbers for the week, given your profile we will suggest some places that you can make best use of them. Libras go extremely well with Aries although they have very different characters. An Aries will always be the more dominant partner in a relationship with a Libra however the Libra will bring balance for it to work out well. In a way they are like chalk and cheese yet they just tend to get on like a house on fire. Libras are calm, relaxed, gentle and kind people and here are some options as to where you will probably feel comfortable trying your luck.



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Paddypower are well known for their fair play as well as being possibly the most creative brand in the online gaming industry.  With their cheeky Irish charm, and their love for a customer promotion, they really go well with the Libra sign.

Why not try your Libra lucky numbers on their wonderful bingo page which uses playtech software? You could also have a shot in their casino or live casino, the choice of games there is impressive. Or how about their fantastically fun Sportsbook with their renowned special bets. Paddypower really have the full package.

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