Use Your Numbers


Taurus: April 20th – May 20th

Lucky Number: 17

Earth Sign: Ruled by Venus

Best match: Virgo, Cancer

Star Sign Colour: Orange


Ok, so you now have your Taurus lucky numbers for the week, given your profile we will suggest some places that you can make best use of them. Taurus are fierce and fiery people who just love to chill out. They are also loyal and positive people and here are some options as to where you will probably feel comfortable trying your luck.



As a lotto, we’d recommend Lottoland for Taurus quite simply because Taurus are honest people and respect honesty back. Since its launch in 2013, Lottoland is a brand that oozes trust and is gaining a fast reputation for it’s brand. Just take a look at their site, it isn’t all that flash but it provides you with an fab lotto experience.

Click the banner below to start your Lotto adventure with them and good luck with your Taurus lucky numbers.



It’s an absolute no brainer which site to recommend to a Taurus, it has to be Betfair which is a legendary online gaming website and it’s so big that it is on the stock exchange.  Once you have an account with Betfair it feels like you don’t need another account and they have all products available except a lottery (so you will need another account for your lottery numbers!).

Betfair bingo uses Playtech technology so the games and the user interface is the easiest and best out there and you can play bingo games from as little as 1p per ticket. Time to find those Taurus lucky numbers on your bingo card.

Betfair casino have super bonuses and a huge selection of games from different providers. The casino is mobile friendly and have jackpots that can pay out millions! You might want to have spin at one of their live dealer roulette tables with your numbers!

Betfair sportsbook and exchange have some of the best payouts in the industry and just like Taurus they are considered to be a serious yet fun place to play.

Click on their banner below to start your adventure with them. You won’t be disappointed.