Virgo Celebrities


Here is a list of famous people that are Virgo. If we are missing someone famous that you’d like us to add, or you would like us to add your name in with the stars, we’d only be happy to do so. Drop us a message on our Facebook page @lottohoroscopes and ask us about Virgo celebrities.

Virgos usually show great attention to detail and are extremely intelligent people. They are also perfectionists and independent thinkers. You wouldn’t want to leave your clothes on the floor in your bedroom as a Virgo would probably demand that you pick them up and put them away immediately! We were able to find lots of Virgos for our list of Virgo celebrities for you and when you think about it, it seems like they possess the qualities and characteristics that you would associate Virgos with.

Here’s the list:

Virgo Celebrities

Adam Sandler  September 9, 1966

Amy Winehouse  September 14, 1983

Arnold Palmer  September 10, 1929

Cameron Diaz  August, 1980

Gene Kelly  August 23, 1912

Guy Ritchie  September 10, 1968

Ingrid Bergman  August 29, 1915

James Marsden  September 18, 1973

Keanu Reeves  September 2, 1964

Keith Moon  August 23, 1946

Kobe Bryant  August 23, 1978

Lance Armstrong  September 18, 1971

Liam Gallagher  September 21, 1972

Michael Jackson  August 29, 1958

Mother Teresa  August 26, 1910

Richard Gere  August 31, 1949

River Phoenix  August 23, 1970

Rupert Grint  August 24, 1988

Salma Hayek  September 2, 1966

Sean Connery  August 25, 1930

Shania Twain  August 28, 1965

Shelley Long  August 23, 1949

Sophia Loren  September 20, 1934

Tim Burton  August 25, 1958


Agree? Disagree? What do you think? There are some big stars in that list and all are household names. Most of them are or were quite intense characters. If you are a Virgo do you tend to have the same character traits and if yes, were you always like that? Or perhaps your partner is a Virgo – do they have a similar character to what we have described?

Please do let us know if there is anyone else you would like to see on the list but contacting us on our Facebook page @lottohoroscopes

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