Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd

Lucky Number: 30

Earth sign: Ruled by Mercury

Best Match: Pisces, Capricorn

Star Sign Colour: Green

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Virgo Sign

Virgo…the intelligent perfectionist and major achiever. Most people can spot a Virgo a mile off; they set the highest of standards for themselves and others, and are constantly striving for perfection. This can be hard on them and often they feel stressed out if they work too hard. They will work diligently into the wee hours to get the project done.

They make things happen with their dogged determination and true grit. They set a goal and they achieve the target even if it nearly kills them in the process. Their analytical brain pays extreme attention to detail; they can work out a solution to most problems. They really enjoy the challenge so, as you can imagine, they have no patience with people who are incompetent and are not doing their job right.

They are independent thinkers and reason things out in their own time so they don’t follow, they lead from the front. They have an opinion and stick to it. Virgos don’t like confrontation; they are masters at diffusing a tricky situation. They stand by what they say because they have given it much thought. They are clear that they are right so they don’t take kindly to be lectured or judged.

They eagerly take on leadership positions and can be rather bossy but they have the knack of getting their team to perform and work together. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! So Virgos have a bit of a hidden wild side and can, on the rare occasion, party like the rest of us. Being around their good friends makes them feel comfortable and that’s when they can enjoy themselves.

Virgos are attracted to other ambitious people who can converse well and share an intelligent discussion. They need time to get to know you first before they open up and learn to trust you. Virgos are fastidious about cleanliness and order. For their life to run smoothly, clutter and disorganisation are not in their world, as they know it!

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